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From version 10.0.1 Language editor became integral part of FM
published: 2019-01-23

Previously, the Language editor was a standalone application that enabled the translation of FM. Starting with the version 10.0.1 Language editor became integral part of Fitness Manager which will make FM translation much simpler and easier than before. Now Fitness Manager is the only application with integrated Language editor.

New Fitness Manager 10.0.0 released
published: 2019-01-11

This edition brings exciting new features which will make happy many users of FM .

Long awaited "Member credit" option is finally added to the Product sale module. Now members can pay later for purchased products. They can pay at the end of their training or next time when they come to club or at the end of the month. Also new report "Members with debt for purchased products" is included.

Another feature asked by many is included in this release. Now it is possible to add negative payment amounts. This makes Refund option possible.

Also global user experience in Fitness Manager is very much improved making it now more self guiding and easier to use.

Finaly NET 2.0 is replaced with NET 4 or higher framework which will open new possiblilies for improvement

Improvements and new options in 2018
published: 2018-06-20

FM constantly keeps improving. Here is the list of improvements and new features in 2018:

Product sale module is greatly improved and simplified. New option to easily change the quantity of the last item has been added. Also the use of Barcode scanner is simplified which makes sale process faster and easier.

In FM PLUS DAC version added new option to save Fingerprints to FM database so they can be uploaded to DAC when needed

Monthly payments mode is added. Now you can create packages which are expected to be paid each month in equal monthly amounts(installments).

New feature to send bulk emails to members whose packages will expire on selected date has been added and to members with debt.

Server and client settings to share the same data over the local network have been greatly simplified.

New features in Fitness manager added in 2017
published: 2018-01-01

Great set of features and functional improvements added to Fitness Manager in 2017. Here are just some of them:

Membership renewal improved. It will find and offer the last active or inactive package for renewal. 

Program users account deactivation for users that are no longer employed

Improved reports organization and added charts to some reports

Addedd overview of fitness receipts sold in selected period

Alarm sounds for automatic check-in

Printing receipts on thermal printer (80mm or 55mm)

and many more improvements and fixes ...