Video tutorial

Software for gyms, fitness, aerobic and health clubs management

Here you can learn how to use Fitness manager using our video tutorial

  • Learn how to add a member
  • How to add a package to the member
  • How to register member's visit
  • How to sell products
  • How to do reservations and bookings
  • and many more ...

Fitness Manager basics (14:41)

Selling products - FM PLUS only (5:17)

How to add the partial payments (0:48)

How to change the language (0:24)

How to import members from CSV or excel file (1:52)

How to set the program to work with barcode scanner (0:40)

Reservations and bookings (1:43)

Export data to excel (0:32)

How to set Fitness Manager to work with Door access control system(1:10)

Door acces control functions in Fitness Manager explained(4:35)