What is friends checker

Facebook friends checker is a desktop application that enables you easily to see list of people who are no longer friends with you since the last time you checked.

How it works

Every time you start Facebook friends checker application, it checks your current list of friends on Facebook and compares it with the existing list of friends stored on your local computer last time you checked. You will see 3 lists: List of Current facebook friends, list of New friends and list of Lost friends.

What is ...

Lost friends are people who:
  • may have removed you as a friend
  • You may have removed them as a friend
  • may have deactivated their Facebook account
checkin date: date od of detection that new friend is added
checkout date: date of detection that friend is not anymore in the list of friends

Security and privacy

Friends checker is 100% secure because it is a desktop application which means that all your data is stored on your local computer. Nothing is stored on any server on the internet.

System requirements:

WindowsXP, Windows2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, NET 3.5