Software for gyms, fitness and aerobic clubs management

Features of Fitness manager and Fitness Manager PLUS

Product comparisonFitness ManagerFitness Manager PLUSFitness Manager PLUS with DAC
Define fitness packages with various time limits in days, weeks, months or even period of a day or limits by number of training sessions
Track payments, history of visits by days and times of arrivals.
Check which members are present in the club at any moment.
Use your webcam to take member photos or attach member pictures taken by camera.
Send email to members from fitness manager
Create different member groups (regular members,VIP, Firm etc)  with various discounts.
Create various fitness packages such as aerobic, step aerobic, pilates, massage, sauna etc ...
Members can have more than one active package at a time (Fitness, Sauna, Massage ...)
Pause packages during vacations, holidays or some other reasonable absence.
Bulk pausing or unpausing packages on holidays using members with active packages module
Two modes for member check-out: 1) preventing member check-in if previous visit is not closed 2) automatic member check-out on new member check-in
Create employee groups (trainer, receptionis, etc.) which are used for salary calculations.
Monitor work of your employees: work presence, salary calculations.
Various usefull reports such as payment reports, members visits by days and months, new members by days and months, members visits by days and hours, members age and gender summary, members birthdays etc ....
Easy export data from various reports to excel or pdf files.
Network mode supported (e.g. reception and back office).
Multilanguage support: English, German, Czech,Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian or you can translate it yourself to fit your needs with our language editor
Barcode scanner support.
Expences tracking (define and track various expences)
Automatic check-in module. You can use barcode scanner or or enter member IDs via keyboard. Set alarm sounds and colors.
Import prepared member list from Excel or CSV file
Partial payments possible. Clients can pay for a service or a package in several payments. You can check their debt any time.
Measurements module which enable personal trainers to track their clients improvement. You can track various parameters (Neck, Chest, Weist Hips, Forearms, Upperarms, Thighs, Calfs)
ReservationsFitness ManagerFitness Manager PLUSFitness Manager PLUS with DAC
Reservations module for schedulling and booking. It enables you to easily accept appointments from your clients and see which resources and workers are used on any day.
Selling productsFitness ManagerFitness Manager PLUSFitness Manager PLUS with DAC
Selling products module  
Create various products: food, drinks, suplements, equipment  
Product sales tracking via various usefull reports.  
Define minimal quantities for every product. Track stocks in any moment and see what is missing  
Door access controlFitness ManagerFitness Manager PLUSFitness Manager PLUS with DAC
Supported door access control systems using RFID cards (ZKTeco)    
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Extra Features

Give your clients option to check their active packages online read more