Software for gyms, fitness and aerobic clubs management

1. How to set FM for sending mail using my Gmail or Yahoo account

Go to Tools->Options and open Mail tab.

Choose Send Mail using Fitness manager option.

For Gmail use the following settings:

Email sender = Your gmail address

SMTP server = smtp.gmail.com

SMTP port = 587

SMTP username = Your gmail address

SMTP password = Your password

Enable SSL should be checked

Similar setting use for Yahoo account. The only difference is SMTP server = smtp.yahoo.com

One more thing, by default Gmail and Yahoo prevent sending email from unknown apps so you should change settings to enable Less secure app on order FM to be able to send email.

For Gmail you can do that here: https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps

For Yahoo you can do that here: https://login.yahoo.com/account/security#less-secure-apps

2. I have downloaded program. How to login for the first time?

Just enter

username: admin

password: admin

Be sure to use lowercase letters.

3. Can I upgrade to the latest version?

Yes. If you already have registered version of fitness manager you can install all new versions completely free.

4. How to upgrade to the latest version?

If you are already using Fitness manager you can always upgrade to the latest version. Do not uninstall previous version because you could delete your database.

Installation of new version will leave your old database intact, but just in case before you begin, we strongly recommend to backup your database. You can do it directly from the program using the option in the menu Maintenance->Backup database, or you can go to your fitness manager folder and simply copy file named "fitnes.fdb" to some other other place on your hard disk or USB drive.

Get the latest version from our website and install it on your computer. Pay attention to uncheck Launch Report viewer component installation and Launch Firebird server installation because they are already installed on your computer with the first installation.

5. I cannot install Fitness manager on my computer with windows XP. Why?

If you have windows XP you need to have Windows installer 3.0 installed on your computer.

6. What if I have to install the program again because hard disk (HDD) formatting and reinstalling windows?

You can format your hard disk and reinstall windows or install new version of windows. After that just install the program and use the same serial number. You can even move you hard disk to another PC, install program on the same hard disk and use the same serial number.


7. How to install Fitness Manager in windows 8 if you are having problems installing .NET framework 3.5?

If you are having problems installing .NET3.5 you can always install .NET4.0 or higher instead.

If you wish to install .NET framework 3.5 in windows 8 try these steps:

After this you should not have problems installing Fitness Manager in windows 8 

8. Does program support work on multiple computers?

Yes, program supports work on LAN. To use Fitness manager on multiple computers sharing the same data, one computer should work as a server with database and all the other computers should work as clients.

You can set working mode (server/client) on the Network tab in options. By default after installation program works as a server. To set applicatio to work as a client you should set the client mode and the server address. You can find out server address by clicking on button Show server address on the computer which work as server.

9. How to translate Fitness manager

First install Fitness manager and  then from the our download page download and start language editor.

In language editor go to File and click Open language folder. Find fitness manager folder on your PC and you will see the list of languages. Select one of the languages and click on duplicate to create a copy which you will use for translation. Rename it to whatever you want and you can start translating.

After you have finished, just save it. Start fitness manager and in Options select the translation you have made to check how it looks.

10. Cannot restore backup. Message about needing Administrator rights appears.

To restore the backup the easiest way is to do the following:

1. Close Fitness manager if open.
2. Copy fitnes.fdb file from your backup into Fitness manager folder (which is probably placed in your program files).
3. Start Fitness manager

11. "The bill number already exists" message shows up when trying to print new package receipt

This means that the receipt with the same number already exists. Probably during testing you created ther receipt with this number. 

To solve this just change the the last receipt number in Options. To do that go to Options -> Receipts and find Last receipt number or Last bill number. Change that number to be higher and click OK. The next receipt number will be generated by adding 1 to Last receipt number and the existing recipt number will be skipped.

12. How to use Barcode scanner with program?

There are 2 member tagging systems in program:

1. Member ID-s are set automatically by program. You set initial value and the program will increment ID-s for each new member you add

2. Free input for member ID-s. This is used for barcode scanners, RFID readers etc. This means you can freely enter ID-s for each member via keyboard or barcode scanner or RFID reader.

Barcode scanner can be used in regular mode, which means that the receptionist will read Member IDs via barcode scanner and chose the package from the list of active packages that member has at the moment (program allows one member to have more than one active package).

13. Automatic check-in. How it works?

To enter automatic check-in click on Automatic button on the main program window. This will open Automatic check-in window. Here members can do check-in using barcode scanner or they can enter their member ID using keyboard.

When member ID is read, the program will search for an active package of the member and join new visit to that package. If the member in your fitness club has more than one active package then the program will show all active packages and member or program operator will have to select the right package from the list for which new visit is related.

14. Can I connect using internet to Fitness Manager to see daily reports

If you want check what has been done in your gym on a daily level on your home computer there are 2 options:


1. Every day your employees at the end of the day can send you fitnes.fdb file by email. This is FM database file which you can then copy to your home computer. This way you can use the latest data on your home computer.


2. You can connect remotely using software like teamviewer to one of your gym PC-s and use FM  from that PC.


15. Can I import members list from excel?

Yes, you can. You can prepare members list in excel and save it as CSV file. This CSV file you can import in Fitness Manager.

List must have 6 columns: memberid, surname, name, birthdate, address, gender (M or F). To save excel document as CSV click on Save as and then choose save as type CSV.

16. What if I want to change my computer?

If you purchased new computer and want to use Fitness Manager on it instead of on the old one, there is a simple procedure that disables FM on the old computer so it cannot be used any more on that PC. After that you can transfer license to the new PC.


1. Start the program.

2. Go to Help->About and when About window opens, press and hold Ctrl and then press D.

3. It will popup a window which will ask you to deactivate it. Click OK and it will show you deactivation code.

4. Make a screenshot of deactivation code and send it to us. Also send us FM ID from your new PC so when we check deactivation code we will send you a new serial number.

If you have any problem regarding deactivation, before doing it the best would be to start Fitness Manager as administrator. You can do it by right click on shortcut and select run as administrator.