What is Fitness manager

Fitness Manager je najbolji domaći softverski paket za teretane, fitnes and sportske klubove. Program omogućava sledeće aktivnosti u fitness klubu: vođenje evidencije o članovima, evidentiranje dolazaka, uplata, podržava kreiranje različitih paketa koje možete ponuditi (sa vremenskim ograničenjem i/ili ograničenjem u pogledu broja dolazaka), praćenje radnog vreme zaposlenih, obračun zarada, kreiranje različitih vrsta izveštaja i još mnogo toga. Ako želite da svoj dnevni posao učinite lakšim i efikasnijim i ostavite dobar utisak na svoje klijente, Fitness manager je pravi izbor za vas.


what is fitness managerr

Jezička podrška


Fitness Manager je na preveden na: Engleski, Nemački, Češki, Srpski, Bosanski, Hrvatski, Španski. Možete i sami napraviti svoj prevod koristeći Language editor

Kome je namenjen program?


Fitness Manager koriste teretane, fitnes centri, pilates and yoga studiji, škole borilačkih veština, plesne škole i ostale vrste sportskih klubova.

Systemski zahtevi


PC sa operativnim sistemom Windows® 2000, XP, Vista ili Windows 7, Win 8 .

Video introduction

Pogledajte kratki video da bi ste se upoznali sa programom Fitness Manager

Više edukativnih videa možete pronači u našoj video sekciji. Najbolji način da se upoznate sa načinom korišćenja programa Fitness Manager

Why clubs choose Fitness Manager

  1. Intuitive and easy to use. No special training needed
  2. Real software application that works on your PC. No need for Internet connection
  3. All data is stored on your computer not in some Internet cloud
  4. Pay only once. No manual or monthly fee
  5. Extremely feature packed with extremely affordable price. Best feature/price ratio compared to similar products
  6. Free technical support and upgrades
  7. We are constantly improving Fitness Manager and adding new features


fitness manager news

Fitness Manager 10.0.0 arrived at the end of 2018

This edition brings exciting new features which will make happy many users of FM .

Long awaited "Member credit" option is finally added to the Product sale module. Now members can pay later for purchased products. They can pay at the end of their training or next time when they come to club or at the end of the month. Also new report "Members with debt for purchased products" is included.

Another feature asked by many is included in this release. Now it is possible to add negative payment amounts. This makes Refund option possible.

Also global user experience in Fitness Manager is very much improved making it now more self guiding and easier to use.

Finaly NET 2.0 is replaced with NET 4 or higher framework which will open new possiblilies for improvement

To learn more about Fitness Manager please check out our Video tutorial

Our video tutorial section with short videos is a great way to find out everything you need to know about the successful use of Fitness Manager in an easy way and without losing too much time

What People Are Saying

Main features

Advanced packages creation

Define extensive fitness packages with various time limits in days, weeks, months or even period of a day or limits by number of training sessions.

Partial payments

Partial payments possible. Clients can pay for a service or a package in several payments. You can check which members are in debt any time.

Great analytics

Gather and maintain detailed records for visits, services, payments and worktime. Analyze data and generate reports to gain insights to improve your business.

Reservations and booking

Reservations module for schedulling and booking. It enables you to easily accept appointments from your clients and see which resources and workers are used on any day

Selling products

Sell products and track sales. Track what members purchased. Track quantities of supplies and at any moment see what is missing.

Extensive user rights

Give your employees appropriate user rights in program. Define various user rights levels.

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